Training Videos - Reveal Providers | Ireland
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Training Videos

Increase your knowledge on clear aligner therapy
with these training videos.

Clinical How-To Videos

On-Demand Training Videos

Attachments Protocols, Reveal Clear Aligners

Dr. Matuk reviews protocols for using attachments on Reveal Clear Aligner cases and covers available shapes and uses, tooth movement mechanics, and more.

Dr. Miguel Matuk

Navigating Reveal® Platforms for Aligner Success

Dr. McFarlane takes a deep dive into Reveal’s platforms, and walks you through filling out the prescription in DDX lab portal, modifying the treatment setup in the Studio Pro 4.0 treatment visualization software, and tips for aligner success.

Dr. Bruce McFarlane

Prescribing Reveal® Clear Aligners

Dr. Chorak walks through his process of filling out the prescription in DDX lab portal, providing helpful clinical insights and tips for successful treatment with Reveal.

Dr. Mario Chorak

Reveal® Treatment Planning & Best Practices

Dr. Chorak looks at treatment planning, workflow, case review, tips & tricks (including overcoming challenges), and key differences between Invisalign & Reveal.

Dr. Mario Chorak

Aligner Case Selection, Reveal® Clear Aligners

Examine case types, levels of case complexity, and aligner packages overview with Dr. Matuk in this short clear aligner training.

Dr. Miguel Matuk

Records for Case Submission, Reveal® Clear Aligners

Review patient photos, x-rays, digital / PVS impressions, and patient records required for successful aligner case submission with Dr. Matuk.

Dr. Miguel Matuk

IPR Protocols, Reveal® Clear Aligners

Dr. Matuk reviews IPR indications and limitations with clear aligners, IPR tools and techniques, pitfalls to avoid, and IPR in the Studio Pro 4.0 treatment visualization software.

Dr. Miguel Matuk